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Outkast is an American hip hop duo formed in 1992. "Stankonia" was released in 2000.  They produced three singles, "B.O.B", "Ms. Jackson", and "So Fresh, So Clean"; "Stankonia", printed and distributed in the US, double LP, is in very good condition despite noticeable surface marks but shows no deterioration in sound quality. The cover has wear and creasing around the edges and corners. Comes with an album credits sheet.


A1 - Intro
A2 - Gasoline Dreams
A3 - I'm Cool (Interlude)
A4 - So Fresh, So Clean
A5 - Ms. Jackson
A6 - Snappin' & Trappin'
A7 - D.F. (Interlude)
B1 - Spaghetti Junction
B2 - Kim & Cookie (Interlude)
B3 - I'll Call Before I Come
B4 - B.O.B.
B5 - Xplosion
B6 - Good Hair (Interlude)
C1 - We Luv Deez Hoez
C2 - Humble Mumble
C3 - Drinkin' Again (Interlude)
C4 - ?
C5 - Red Velvet
C6 - Cruisin' In The ATL (Interlude)
D1 - Gangsta Sh*t
D2 - Toilet Tisha
D3 - Slum Beautiful
D4 - Pre-Nump (Interlude)
D5 - Stankonia (Stanklove)