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Grand Champ is the fifth studio album by American rapper DMX. Printed and distributed in the US in 2003, this double album is in good condition. The record has been played enough that the sound quality has deteriorated noticeably and may have pops and skips. The cover has slight wear and creasing to the edges. It comes with an album credits sheet. 


A1 - Dog Intro
A2 - My Life
A3 - Where The Hood At
A4 - Dogs Out
A5 - Get It On The Floor
B1 - Shot Down
B2 - Bring The Noize
B3 - Untouchable
B4 - F*** Y'all
C1 - We're Back
C2 - Rob All Night
C3 - We Go Hard
C4 - We Bout To Blow
D1 - The Rain
D2 - Don't Gotta Go Home
D3 - Thank You
D4 - The Prayer V
D5 - On Top

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