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Box Set with 16-page 12"x12" 'linen effect' matte paper lyric book, outlining scenes/acts, including 10 black & white photos. LPs in black & white glossy jackets, imprinted on back with 'Barking Pumpkin Records' logo & on front with large Zappa 'join-the-dots' logo & 'Warning/Guarantee' stamp. Discs and booklet in mint condition. Cover in good condition with a lot of wearing on edges and corners. No damage to front or back pictures. 1984 pressing.


A1 Prologue
A2 The Mammy Nuns
A3 Harry & Rhonda
A4 Galoot Up-Date
B1 The ‘Torchum’ Never Stops
B2 That Evil Prince
B3 You Are What You Is
C1 Mudd Club
C2 The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing
C3 Clowns On Velvet
C4 Harry-As-A-Boy
C5 He’s So Gay
D1 The Massive Improve’lence
D2 Artificial Rhonda
D3 The Crab-Grass Baby
D4 The White Boy Troubles
E1 No Not Now
E2 Briefcase Boogie
E3 Brown Moses
F1 Wistful Wit A Fist-Full
F2 Drop Dead
F3 Won Ton On


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